The Untamed Essence is an esoteric outgrowth of the Nine Swords tradition, originally unique to the wandering swordsman who created it during years of mercenary work in the world of Eberron. Having studied the Diamond Mind and Iron Heart disciplines extensively, he combined their fundamental principles with the rudimentary training he had received at the foot of his father, an accomplished archmagus in his own right. The result was a discipline that tapped the arcane energies of his heritage to embolden his strikes and empower his defenses.

From those humble beginnings, the Untamed Essence spread across the planes. Despite having been created by a man incapable of casting arcane spells, it quickly became a favorite of spellswords and Jade Phoenix Mages. It is not known whether Ariston ultimately chose a pupil to carry on his teachings, or whether the discipline survived only through the manuals he left behind.

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