Swords are crutches for those lacking their own weaponry. The sublime way does not require such things.

Long ago, a master swordsage went looking for students, and a copper dragon went looking for entertainment. They met, and the dragon said, "Teach me something interesting." Two years later they parted, and the dragon had much to ponder.
In time, she developed these techniques. Since then, they have spread to many creatures who desire an edge in combat, but their roots with an inquisitive copper dragon still show.

Prerequisites: 2 claws and one other natural weapon, flyby attack, a 2nd level tiger claw maneuver, at least 10 ranks in at least 2 of balance, concentration, jump, or hide.

Hit Die: d10
Skills: 4+int
Class Skills: Appraise, Balance, Jump, Knowledge(self)*, Listen, Martial Lore, Sense Motive, Search, Spot
Knowledge(self) means whichever knowledge skill or skills applies to the creature taking the class. For example, a dragon would have knowledge(arcana), a demon would have knowledge(the planes), and a dracolich would have both knowledge(arcana) and knowledge(religion)

BAB Ref Fort Will Manevers Known Stances Maneuvers Readied Features
1 2 2 0 1 0 1 Natural Weaponry, Double Claw
2 3 3 0 0 1 0 Easy Throw, Leaping Dragon
3 3 3 1 1 0 1 Pouncing Charge, precise breath
4 4 4 1 0 1 0 Swift Throw, Improved Defensive Casting
5 4 4 1 1 0 1 Swooping Attack, Multithrow, Crush of Stone, Protected Body

Schools: Diamond Mind, Setting Sun, Stone Dragon, Tiger Claw

Definitions: For the purposes of this class, a "throw" maneuver is a Setting Sun strike which begins with a melee touch attack resolved as a trip attempt and results in your target being in a different square. Most of these maneuvers have descriptions that begin "this maneuver is like mighty throw except". Similarly, a "jumping" maneuver is a Tiger Claw strike that requires you to make a jump check and for which you gain no benefit (either nothing happens or you make a normal attack) if the check fails.

Natural Weaponry (ex): You may treat all of your natural weapons as tiger claw weapons
Double Claw (ex): When you make a single attack, you may use two of your claws together. This does damage like a claw of one size category larger, and counts as two-handed for power attack, sunder and similar effects. It does not enable rend.
Easy Throw (ex): You may use throw maneuvers on creatures smaller than you which you have already grappled. Skip the opposed roll -- you automatically succeed.
Leaping Dragon (su): You may use Stone Dragon maneuvers if you have touched the ground in the past minute. (Normally you must be currently touching ground to use Stone Dragon maneuvers.)
Precise Breath (ex): If you have a breath weapon that can function as a line, you may treat it as a weapon. You attack a single target, which gets no save, but you must make a ranged touch attack. There is no half damage. A breath attack of this sort has a critical multiplier of 20x3, like a longbow, and can be used for precision damage. Since this is a weapon, you can use it for weapon-related feats and abilities, such as Weapon Focus or most of Falcon's Eye.
Pouncing Charge (ex): You can make a full attack on a charge.
Swift Throw (ex): When you successfully initiate grapple, you may immediately use a throw maneuver as a swift action. As with Easy Throw, no check is necessary.
Improved Defensive Casting (su): Whenever you cast a spell, you may do so defensively, even in the presence of an enemy that would normally prevent this. Each such enemy causes a cumulative -4 penalty to the concentration check.
Swooping attack (ex): You may execute jumping maneuvers by flying directly over the target. You must move before and after attacking. This counts as succeeding on your jump check.
Multithrow (ex): If you are grappling multiple creatures smaller than you, you may execute a single throw maneuver against all of them. The maneuver is expended as if used normally. You may combine this with Easy Throw and Swift Throw.
Crush of Stone (ex): If you have a crush attack, you may use it with Stone Dragon strikes. Treat anyone who fails the initial reflex save as hit for purposes of the maneuver (the maneuver may then allow a separate save, see description).
Protected Body (su): You gain access to the Protected Body maneuver. It does not count against your maneuvers known but must be readied like any other. Treat it as a Diamond Mind counter of 4th level. When an enemy attempts to cause you ability damage or an ability penalty to a physical stat, you may use the Protected Body counter. Make a concentration check, divide the result by 5, and subtract it from the damage or penalty. For example, if a 10th level sorcerer casts Maximized Ray of Clumsiness on you for a dex penalty of 9, and your concentration check is 32, the actual dex penalty you suffer is 9 - floor(32 / 5) == 3.

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