Solaris Arcanum combines Arcane Magic with powerful swordplay to create a warrior who can mimic the effects of many sorcerer and wizard spells, as well as shatter the effects of such magic. Those proficient in the Solaris Arcanum are also equally suited to combat divine magic and psicraft, for all these utilize the same force; mana.


Of all the disciplines of battle, Solaris Arcanum has the most ancient roots, dating back to the Dekalian race. The Dekalians were the original mortal race; arrogant in their beauty and skill. They saught to overtake the heavens for their own, and failed. Legends state that the vulsune and leonicians were once dekalian, but abandoned their people for the gods in ages past. Elves, halflings, humans, and yuan-ti are also believed to have been crafted from the dekalian race, and the orcs are believed to be the devolution from the dekalian race that they suffered as fallout from disobeying the gods.

For eons, the Solaris Arcanum was lost to time, until the Masters of the Jade Phoenix stumbled upon ancient records of it while searching for the ultimate arcane discipline. The Masters of the Jade Phoenix found that the discipline allowed a mage to empower their swordplay with magic and enhance their magic with swordplay. However, a great cataclysm occurred, and the Masters of the Jade Phoenix were all but exterminated. It is said that one of the order's few survivors, the legendary human mage, Rhandulf O'Dowry, himself established what would become the Warmage Guild so that the secrets of the Solaris Arcanum Discipline would not fall back beneath the sands of time.

Naturally, the Warmage grew and evovled from an order dedicated to protecting the world from evil into an organization dedicated to making profit in war, assassination, and conquest. While the order's original focus has been compromised, the guild will teach the secrets of Solaris Arcanum to anyone who seeks them; so long as the one seeking can handle the violate energies of the Arcane.


All Solaris Arcanum maneuvers and stances have the ability to be empowered with additional arcane energy, referred to as enflaring the maneuver. In order to enflare a maneuver or stance, the initiator must expend either 1 spell slot, 1 prepared spell, or one use of a spell-like ability. The expended spell, spell slot, or prepared spell must belong to an arcane spell, and although the spell's level does not matter when enflaring, many maneuvers have better effects based on the level of the spell used to enflare it. A 0-level spell or spell-like ability is treated as a first-level spell for the purpose of enflaring maneuvers and stances. An enflared maneuver is magical in nature; its bonus effects and/or damage are affected by power/spell resistance and power/spell immunity. In addition, an enflared maneuver does not function within a null psionics field or an antimagic zone. In both of these situations (where the enflared maneuver is resisted or cannot function), if the enflared maneuver is resisted or nullified the maneuver itself is not completely useless. Instead, the enflare effects are nulled and the maneuver performs normally as if the adept had not enflaredit, though the spell sacrificed to enflare the maneuver is consumed normally.

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