The Scarlet Rose discipline focuses heavily on the use of dual wielding weapons. Whilst the Tiger Claw discipline also caters for two weapon fighting, many of its pupils utilise the art in a savage and aggressive way. Students of the scarlet rose discipline are not only taught combat, but grace and beauty in their skill, as well as devastating methods of combining them.


The scarlet rose discipline originated in one of the temple of nine-swords earlier pupils, a young lady whom fought with a grace and beauty unsurpassed by the temples previous warriors. She had practiced the tiger claw discipline, but found it lacking and unable to satisfy her desire for speed and graceful mobility in a battle. When she attempted to teach more elegant and graceful maneuvers, she had roused anger from the tiger claw master. Their differences in opinion caused endless arguments. In the end, she had left the temple, and decided to teach her own adapted style out with the school of the nine swords.

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