Legend has it that the legendary Temple of Nine Swords was almost the Temple of Ten Swords. It is said that when Reshar first learned the White Raven discipline, it was a vastly different discipline than it is today. While all other disciplines had one master to represent them at the Temple, Reshar chose two to represent White Raven perhaps symbolizing its reliance on unity in battle. The two masters were a pair of master warlords: Lord Vyrist, a knight renowned throughout the world as the White Tower, and the equally legendary Scarlet Bravura General, Commander Gurran. However, the two brothers had very different views of the White Raven discipline, and the nature of command. Vyrist believed that White Raven should embody the principles of command and authority, using allies and comrades as little more than weapons. Gurran, however, believed that a commander must sacrifice himself for the sake of those serving him, and that this is what White Raven must be. The two masters eventually grew cold to each other, beginning to hate their counterparts. Finally, in a fit of anger, Lord Vyrist lashed out at Gurran over an argument, thirsting for his blood. Though the fight was soon ended by Reshar’s mediation, Commander Gurran could no longer stay. He left the Temple, and codified what he alone knew of the White Raven style into a new discipline that took its name from his title, Scarlet Bravura. His techniques were forever lost to the White Raven adepts of the Temple, only learned by an elite cadre of disciples that came to the Commander after his exile.

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