The Monastery of Broken Rainbows lies hidden on the peak of a frigid, unyielding mountain. And it was this mountain that the mighty Reshar, Master of Nine, ascended, so that he might reach the monastery, and learn its secrets. Legend told that an order of half-mad monks and swordsages resided their, masters of a powerful martial discipline. Called the Kaleidoscopic Dream discipline, it was said to have been created by a wise and ancient master who traveled to the formless chaos of Limbo, and taught himself to master shaping the chaos into form. Once he returned, he applied this skill to combat, shaping seemingly chaotic and purposeless movements into powerful attacks and unbreakable defenses.

Reshar found the monastery, and studied under its masters, but was unable to master the secrets of the Kaleidoscopic Dream. Reshar was a man of order and honor, seeking concordance and unification among all martial disciplines, but the Kaleidoscopic Dream discipline relied on chaos and unpredictability, and could never be part of an integrated whole. Thus, Reshar left the monastery, and the discipline was never taught at the Temple of the Nine Swords. Only those martial adepts with the skill to find the monastery and the proper appreciation of chaos have mastered the secrets of the Kaleidoscopic Dream style, and thus it has remained an obscure and secret discipline.

Because the Kaleidoscopic Dream discipline was never taught widely at the Temple of the Nine Swords or any similar center of training, most martial adepts do not know any maneuvers from it, or even know it exists.

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