The universe is a stranger, crueler place than anyone imagines. Beings beyond mortal comprehension wait in the fringes, remember a time when the universe was theirs, and waiting for a time when it will be again.

Though they have been banished from the material plane since time immemorial, their influence can still be felt. Scholars and mystics have studied these intrusions for millennia, and some few foolish individuals have attempted to tap into it for power for their own needs.


Years ago, the monk Fayid Sulhardin visited the Far Realm to find a way to fight the forces that originated there.

No one knows what he found, but it drove him quite mad. He muttered and gibbered about plants that grew clawed fingers, children made of knives, and eyes as large as continents that watched him in his sleep. But mad as he was, he was still able to use what he’d learned to create a new discipline integrating the horrible mysteries with weaponsplay.

The Far Realm Discipline is a fighting style that creates weakness, bends rules, and creates havoc on the battlefield. It twists time and space to give its practitioners another advantage on the battlefield, at the cost of their own sanity.

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