The Dread Crown maneuver is based on the fighting styles of the two greatest warriors of all fiendkind, the swordsman and arch-devil Levistus, and the Dark Prince of the Abyss, Graz’zt. The style arose from a duel between the two, in the ancient past of the Blood War. The battle between them went on for ages, and by the end, each one had mastered almost every technique from the other’s fighting style. Their duel was finally ended when they were attacked by a vanguard of planetars and solars, seeking to take advantage of their duel to kill an arch-devil and a demon prince. As they noticed the celestials, Levistus and Graz’zt looked each other in the eye, and shared a grin. They then effortlessly dispatched the angels, using the new techniques they had learned from each other. Though devils and demons are always loathe to cooperate wit each other, Levistus and Graz’zt decided to temporarily suspend that and teach a handful of select mortals this fighting style, which they deemed the Dread Crown, so that it might further the goals of all evil.

Because the Dread Crown discipline was taught only to a select few champions of evil, most martial adepts do not know any maneuvers from it, or even know it exists.


An experienced Dread Crown master is intimidating even when standing at rest.

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