The Way of Bladed Thoughts is a discipline dedicated to the perfect union of the psionic (or 'awakened') mind with a body trained to be an unmatched recepticle for psionic power. Developed by an order of Elan Psychic Warriors, this school has never been considered one of the 'True' paths of the Sublime Way, due to it's reliance on the psionic power of the wielder's mind. The earliest records of this descrimination date back to the days of the Phoenix Citadel (a failed project similar to the later and more successful Temple of the Nine Swords), when the masters turned away any who understood even the most basic forms of this art, accusing them of 'corrupting' their art by relying on their Psionic power rather than the 'truth of the way of steel'.

It is an accusation that has been maintained for much of the centuries since, with even Reshar himself unwilling to 'lower' himself to learning the forms of their art. Only in the most recent years (since the actions of a particularly famous Duergar Heart Shaper called Murgol Firehand who shattered the Illithid city of Lagurno and freed hundereds of slaves) has this slander begun to peel away, although a great many 'True' followers of the Sublime Way retain their aloof attitudes.

Awakened formsEdit

All maneuvers from the School of Bladed Thoughts can draw additional power from the wielder's mental energy, possessing both a normal and 'Awakened' form. When initiating a maneuver from the Way of the Bladed Thoughts, you may expend your Psionic Focus to instead activate their Awakened form and all stances from this school grant their Awakened benefits when you are Psionically Focused. The Awakened form of all maneuvers and all maneuvers with the Psionic descriptor are Supernatural.

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